Iberital MC2

Iberital MC2 Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Known for reliability and consistency, this is the most cost effective grinder you can buy which grinds fine and consistently enough to grind for espresso coffee making.

This grinder has special conical blades which enable the coffee to be ground at cooler temperatures, keeping in the taste, whilst retaining a fast output of coffee.

From a commercial viewpoint this grinder is ideally suited to any coffee shop or outlet that serves up to 25 coffee drinks per day, any more than that and you realistically need to be looking at the Iberital MC5.

Home users may wish to consider the doser less option (automatic) as this outputs just one or two shots of ground coffee at a time, helping to eliminate the problem of grinding too much and wasting unused coffee.

Read in independant review of the Auto MC2 kindly donated to us by cakeboy, a coffee enthusiast from the TMC internet forum: Click to read an independent MC2 review

Grinding speed 600RPM, 1 Years return to base warranty, Main hopper capacity 500grams, Dosing hopper 130 grams.

Adjustable grind level from fine through to course, pre-set gram throw of 7 Grams.

Dimensions: Height 375mm, Depth 270mm, Width 165mm, Weight 4.5 KG.  

We carry all spare parts including replacement blades for Iberital Grinders, this is a machine that has been built following a lot of research based on information received from domestic home users and light commercial users over many years.

Commercial users who wish to grind more coffee than for 30 drinks per day should look on our online shop for the MC5 grinder.

For very heavy coffee output we would suggest looking at the Iberital Automatic or Macap MXDL grinders.

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