Bottomless Filters

We supply the absolute best bottomless portafilters money can buy, that is a fact, not an opinion.

Our bottomless portafilters are moulded specifically during the manufacturing process, they are not chopped or hacked cut down versions like others you may see around on the internet.

Each portafilter is made from solid brass with a heavy coating of chrome.

The portafilters come complete with a double filter basket, the baskets are removable, bottomless portafiltas do not work well with single baskets so their use is not suggested. In use the bottomless produces more crema on an espresso shot, this is due to the fact that the coffee, on it's journey to the cup, or shot glass, meets with less metal than it would when used with a traditional portafilter, that utilises a spout.

Crema is purely a product of the oils in the coffee beans, which is why it floats on top of the poured coffee liquid, as it heats it effectively foams. Any loss of temperature on the coffee journey from filter basket to cup, will not help the volume, or the consistency of the crema, which is noticeably thicker when produced with a bottomless.

These portafilters are used for many reasons by different people, commercial coffee machine owners tend to buy them to allow bigger takeaway cups to fit underneath the basket, enthusiasts use them because they know the value these items hold with regards to making better espresso.

Coffee or Barista trainers use them as a training tool, as if you get the tamp wrong when using them, they tend to spray odd lines of coffee in varying directions, causing a bit of a mess. The big advantage of the bottomless in relation to tamping is that because they do not have a spout, they are easy to lay flat on the tamping mat, giving a perfect base on which to tamp on.

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