Chocolate, Cocoa Powder and Sugar Shakers

The stainless shakers we provide are good quality, it should be noted that stainless shakers are prone to condensation if subjected to high temperatures and atmospheres, it is therefore important to keep this in mind and not leave them on top of the coffee machine or in areas where heat is likely to affect them.

The plastic bodied shaker HD0130 is strong, you can put  it in the dishwasher and most importantly of all, it does not condensate, keeping your cocoa or chocolate powder dry and ready to use without any fuss.

One tip for when you are using your shaker is to hold it above your coffee drink pointed down at a 90 degree angle and just tap the sides. That way you have more control over how much cocoa powder comes out as you work along the diameter of the coffee cup. 

Add some chocolate sprinkles on top of a Cappuccino, it's the traditional recipe and an excellent compliment offering a fourth dimension to the taste.

These shakers are also used when cooking or making other beverages, they are also handy for sprinkling milkshakes, desserts and giving an extra boost to a decent hot chocolate.

When making a mocha based coffee drink why not finish it by putting some cream on the top then sprinkling some chocolate as a finishing touch?

Some blends of coffee lend themselves well to being sprinkled with cinnamon or nutmeg as a topping, cinnamon in particular works well with Arabica coffee bean blends such as our Costa Rica and Sumatran Mocha blends, nutmeg works very well with dark roasted espresso blends like the Classic Italian and Classic Brazilian.

For commercial outlets it is always good to be able to offer your customers various options for decorating their cappuccino or latte drinks with, most mocha drinkers will want decoration for their coffee drinks too.

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