Digital Scales

These digital scales are used for weighing ground coffee. If you have a coffee grinder, which has an adjustable dose, or throw as it is sometimes called, it can be a good idea to have a set of digital scales to help you adjust the dose or throw correctly.

The traditional Italian way of making coffee dictates that you should run a single espresso shot from a 7 gram dose of grinds and a 14 gram dose for making a double shot of espresso coffee.

It can be very rewarding to experiment with the coffee beans you use and try making coffees using different doses before committing to settle with 7 or 14 gram derived shots.

In any case what ever you decide on these scales will prove to be a valuable tool in helping you monitor the dosing of the grinder, particularly if you need to change the grinder coarseness due to humidity or temperature change.

Easy to set-up and use both sets of scales come with full instructions, making an ideal coffee present. In most cases the economy scales are good enough, but if you are feeling flush the more expensive scales are that bit better and worth getting if you are serious about your coffee beans.

On a note about dosing it is worth remembering that the more water you pull through ground coffee, the more likely you are to begin drawing the wax like properties which can give a bitter taste. We always dose heavier than 7 gramms, but it is all down to taste.

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