Digital Scales

First of all Coffee scales are used for weighing ground coffee as well as beans. Owners of coffee grinders find coffee scales useful. Particularly to check or adjust the grinders throw or dose.

The traditional Italian way of making coffee dictates running 7G for a single and 14G  for a double shot of espresso. Therefore the respective output being 1oz per shot and 2 x 1oz for a double.

Coffee scales- record the variables

Experimenting with coffee beans is rewarding.  Adjusting coffee doses and ratios to that of water changes everything.

Digital coffee scales will prove to be a valuable tool in helping to monitor dosing of a grinder.  Useful if the need to change the grinder coarseness due to humidity or temperature change occurs.

Easy to set-up and use all scales come with full instructions, making an ideal coffee present. In most cases the economy scales are good enough, responsive and accurate. The more expensive scales are a bit better and worth getting for full time professionals.

Most noteworthy with regards to dosing. The more water pushed through ground coffee. The more the wax like properties will be extracted. Try dosing above 7G per shot. 9G per shot allows for a better quality extraction.

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