Knock Boxes, Drawers and Bars

Happy Donkey supply are suppliers of a wide range of coffee knock boxes.

Whether you have a commercial coffee shop or own a home use domestic coffee machine, one thing is for sure, the coffee knock box is an essential machine accessory.

The knock box or knock drawer is a container in which you 'knock' your used coffee grinds once you have drawn water through your ground coffee beans.

For most set-ups we suggest you buy one of our black unbreakable boxes, they are strong, dishwasher proof and are easy to move around.

A box which is easily transportable and has a small footprint is ideal because you will want to empty the box at the end of every day.

The last thing you want is to have the aroma of stale coffee hanging around!

Used ground coffee beans can be used for fertilising flower beds in the garden, a great way to recycle your waste.

For high output sites where a lot of coffee beans are used on a daily basis, a knockout drawer may prove to be a better solution, knockout drawers are good because they can sit underneath your coffee grinder, utilising your valuable space efficiently.

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Items: 112 of 15