Pitcher and Glass Rinsers

First of all Pitcher Rinsers are mechanisms which helps automating the cleaning of jugs and glasses. A task repeated many times over, on a daily basis.

An espresso bar  kitted out with a pitcher rinser is an authentic one. A rinser enables the most convenient way of blasting accessories clean. No need to leave the core work space.

Automate jug cleaning

Clean a jug using a pitcher rinser by turning it upside down and press downwards.  A strong spiral of mains water attacks the internal space of the jug. The pitcher is clean in no time at all and ready for more action.

Most noteworthy any size jug from 350ml to a 2 Litre size jug can be cleaned in this way. Ownership of this product shows pride and professionalism.  A shop without a pitcher rinser just looks like a bunch of losers taking their chances.

Do the right thing a buy one today. It's a never look back purchase.

A mains water in and a drain out connection is required to enable operation.


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