Pitcher and Glass Rinsers

A Pitcher or Glass Rinser is a mechanism which helps you clean your jugs or glass ware in super fast time.

Having one of these on your espresso bar where you work enables the most convenient way of blasting your accessories clean without having to leave the core work space.

To clean your jug using a pitcher rinser you simply turn it upside down and press downwards, a strong spiral of mains water then attacks the internal space of the jug, you can then move on to making the next coffee or beverage with ease, having taken next to no time at all to get the pitcher clean.

Any size jug from 350ml to a 2 Litre size jug can be cleaned in this way, it's the ultimate sign of a coffee vendor who takes care and pride in their business, giving a professional look to the set up, this is something no serious coffee outlet should be without.

The pitcher rinsers require a mains water in and a drain out connection.


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