Shot Glasses and Shot Pots

Happy Donkey are suppliers of espresso coffee shot glasses and shot pots. The espresso shot glass is the most basic and important accessory, a shot glass will give you a visual gauge of what is happening with your coffee.

The most useful function of the shot glass is the ability to measure the amount of espresso in 1 or 2oz shots. Typically you will be looking to extract two one ounce shots from a double basket, filled with 14 grams of ground coffee beans in around 20-25 seconds.

These glasses are lined at 1oz, you simply fill the whole glass if you want to measure 2oz, use two glasses and measure to the 1oz line if you are making a double shot from a double basket with a double spout. For a single espresso shot you will be looking at extracting 1 oz of espresso in around 15 seconds from 7 grams of ground coffee beans.

Of course these are only guidelines and it all depends on the beans you are using and how you like your coffee. Using a transparent glass gives you the ability to see and measure the amount of crema you are producing from each shot, which is a valuable function especially when you are configuring your coffee grinder to obtain the correct level of coarseness. consistently using shot glasses to pour your espresso into will also alert you to whether humidity and atmosphere has changed the level of coarseness at which you should be grinding.

Typically if you need to adjust the levels, you will need to go a bit coarser when the weather is colder and a bit finer when it is warmer, however do not adjust the grind just for the sake of it, let the shot glasses dictate what you do.

From a commercial perspective it is advantageous to pour your espresso shots into these glasses as your customers like to see how the coffee is made and how much crema there is in each shot, it's all part of the whole cafe culture. We also supply stainless steel shot pots in 2,3 and 6oz sizes, if you require them.

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