Happy Donkey are suppliers of spatulas as an accessory for your coffee machine set-up. Spatulas are a small but useful accessory to use when making coffee, specifically for when making milk based coffee drinks such as cappuccino or latte.

When you make these drinks you will probably be aware that it can be difficult to get the right level, or mixture, of hot milk or foam on top of the espresso shot.

You may for instance want a lot of hot milk in a latte but little, or in some cases no foamed milk. Having a spatula on hand can help you with this Barista dilemma, you simply place the spatula over the spout of the jug, trapping the foam and allowing hot non foamed milk through.

This then leaves the foam behind and you can then use the spatula for scooping this into the cup, ensuring a consistent mix of the two. Of course you could use a pallette knife or any similar looking tool, but if you have a dedicated implement for doing this, it will not be misplaced elsewhere.

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