Coffee Beans

We are online suppliers of Gourmet Coffee Beans throughout the UK via mail order.

All our coffee beans are freshly roasted in the UK and packed in 250G bags.

The Guardian Newspaper recommended us as being one of the best three places to buy coffee beans on the internet in the UK.

Each blend has been especially selected for consistency of roast and flavour, whilst bearing price in mind at the same time.

Happy Donkey Coffee Beans are supplied throughout the UK, our turnover of coffee is such that the beans you receive are rarely more than 14 days from the roasting date.

This is good news for fresh coffee lovers, especially when you consider that beans are only ever at their best on the 8th day after roasting and beyond.

The bags have high quality one-way valves, which allow the gases out, but no air in, keeping your tasty beans as good as on the 8th day itself.

Once opened, keep them in a plastic box in the fridge to help retain the freshness and seal the bag with a clip or clothes peg.

Used by domestic consumers, commercial coffee shop and TV/Film celebrities alike, if you are looking for a coffee supplier in the UK, you have found us! We are sure to have a blend that will be right for you.

Click here to see advice on buying coffee beans.