Coffee Grinder Blades

Commercial Coffee grinder blades require replacement every two years. Based on the presumption that 6 Kilos of coffee beans per week being ground.

Grinder blades work far more effectively when regularly cleaned with Puly Grind. Pulygrind  can be found in the machine cleaning section.

It is recommended that grinder owners replace blades themselves. Because grinder maintenance is important. Being able to strip the top of the grinder down is essential.

The top chamber of any coffee grinder, regardless of cost, will clog up over time. The chamber needs to be cleared out at least weekly. Followed through with a sachet of Pulygrind. This is the minimum required level of maintenance.

Failure to maintain will be failure to make consistently good coffee. Old and stale coffee sat in the top of the coffee grinder will create problems. Coffee will begin to taste bitter and stale as old mixes with new. That is not acceptable.

All prices shown are for a pair of blades. Please measure the existing blades before buying, to help avoid disappointment.

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