Coffee Machine Pumps and Motors

Coffee machine pump for commercial and domestic machines. Including RPM, Fluid-O-Tech and Ulka.

Domestic machines such as the Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia. Use vibratory pumps. These will become noisier before they die.

RPM Rotary pumps give no warning what so ever and simply give up the ghost. This would be typical of a Fluid-o-tech PA0154.  Pump heads can last two months or ten years. The RPM motor and head is found on commercial espresso machines.

First of all one thing which will shorten the life of a coffee machine pump is water starvation.  The heads are lubricated by water. If the water supply is not efficient the pump will not last very long.

Left idle for a couple of months,when a machine is switched back on the pump is usually dead. They benefit from regular use and are known to  seize when left unused.

In a mobile situation where inlet pipes are in and out of water air locks can develop. An air lock will starve a pump of the water it needs to function. A remedy for this is to always boot the espresso machine up with the steam arm fully open. Leave steam to escape for 2 minutes before closing the valve.

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