Coffee Machine Spouts

We are suppliers of coffee machine spouts. The spout is the bit sat at the bottom of the coffee machines portafilter of filter holder which disperses the espresso coffee into the cup or shot glass. Spouts come in a single or double style.

The single spout is designed to distribute a single shot of espresso, usually from 7G of ground coffee beans, into a single coffee cup or shot glass. The double spout is designed to distribute a double shot of espresso, usually from 14G of ground coffee beans.

Some double spouts are adjustable with regards to the flow that is enabled to pour from each side of the spout. This is useful to have if your machine is sat on an uneven surface and the machine legs do not allow you to adjust the height of the machine on one side.

By moving the adjustable cover on the spout it is possible to restrict the flow from one side of the spout in order to make up for the uneven angle which the coffee machine is sat at. It is important to run some hot water through the group head of the machine if it is the first shot of the day, or if it has been sat idle for a while, as the more cold metal your espresso comes into contact with, the worse the coffee is likely to taste.

Coffee beans contain oils, when heated these oils turn to crema, which is why crema floats, it is noticeable that when using one of our bottomless portafilters, the crema is thicker, no matter what origin of coffee beans you use, this is primarily because the portafilters lose the spout and the bottom of the portafilter and there is consequently less loss of heat in the coffee making process.

These spouts fit all known makes of sommercial coffee machine and also domestic coffee machines such as the Gaggia Classic and the Rancilio Silvia.

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