Filter Baskets

Filter baskets are metal dish like objects with holes in the bottom. They hold ground coffee beans in the machines Portafilter. The machine then pushes hot water through the grounds to make espresso.

Most manufacturers use unique fittings and measurements for filter baskets.

Consequently it is important to buy the correct item for the machine. Please note NOT ALL BASKETS ARE THE SAME! PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ONE IF YOU ARE NOT ENTIRELY SURE THAT IT WILL FIT :-)

Baskets wear over time.  It is therefore a good idea to replace them at least once a year. For commercial applications change baskets at least every 6 months.

Check the condition of the filter basket by holding it up to the sky. If some of the holes are blocked it is time to buy a new one. Perform checks once a month.

The rule of thumb dictates a single basket uses seven grams of coffee. A double basket use fourteen grams of coffee. A triple filter basket will use eighteen to twenty one grams.

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