Group Gaskets

Group gaskets also known as group seals for espresso machines. The seal sits inside the group head. Placed on the outer diameter of the shower screen.

When the Portafilter is placed in the group head it twists and raises. Once raised, the lip of the filter basket meets the group gasket. This creates an air tight seal.

The group is run to get water through the ground coffee. This is in the filter basket. The seal ensures all water heads for the ground coffee beans.

If the seal has failed this is no longer the case. Consequently water escapes over the side of the portafilter.  Resulting in less water  pushed through the coffee at the correct pressure.

First of all each espresso coffee machine  uses a unique group seal. A group seal is usually defined by manufacture. Then model and last of all dimensions.

Over-sized group seals fit older espresso machines. More often  manufactured before 1992.

When fitting a group seal the flat side always faces downwards. Old unchanged seals adhere to group heads. There's no magic solution for removing a stuck seal.

Change the seal every 3 - 6 months for best practice. Group gaskets on machines in busy coffee shops should be changed every month. This should be done by the Barista.

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