Portafilters are the handles which house the coffee filter baskets that you tamp your ground coffee beans into in order to make an espresso, these are also known as filter holders, or some refer to them as coffee handles. Nearly every machine requires a unique portafilter, filter holder or coffee handle.

This is because they use a tab system with which to lock into the machines group head and each machine has it's own configuration, unfortunately there is no standardisation within the industry.

Please make sure that you have selected the correct filter holder or portafilter for your machine, a costa portafilter will not fit a gaggia and so on.

Please do not mail asking us to measure them in order to try and source one for a bespoke manufacturer, you do need one manufactured for the specific machine, else it will not work.

Where possible we supply genuine portafilters as we find they have more brass in the filter holder head, more brass in the head potentially means better heat containment and better crema on your espresso shots.

However this is not always the case as many copies now work just as well as the originals. Each portafilter comes complete with a brand new spout and filter basket, so a single will come complete with a single basket and spout, a double will come complete with a double basket and double basket, the same applies to the trebles

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