Shower Screens

Happy Donkey are suppliers of shower plates and shower screens for most makes of espresso coffee machines.

Some people think these are one of the same, however this is not true. A shower screen is one which is in effect more like a shower dish, as it is shaped like a dish.

Where as a shower plate is flat or slightly curved in shape and is held on by a screw, which fixes into the coffee machines group bell.

Shower screens have a lip at the top and are secured into the machines group head by the group seal, to fix one into place you need to have the group seal removed, the shower screen slips inside the seal, the lip resting on the top of the seal and then the two are fed to the group head as one.Removal is usually done with a thin screwdriver wrapped in a rag to help avoid scratching any part of the group head.

Assembly is the reverse of removal using the tip of the screwdriver (still wrapped in the rag), to gently but firmly push the seal home into the crevice inside the group head. Shower plates, as mentioned, are held in by a screw. Removal is as easy as undoing the screw and pulling the plate off, assembly is the reverse of removal.

Be sure to get the right size screwdriver on the screw as you usually only get one chance to get it right, if you are in a lazy mood, leave it for another time.

There is nothing worse than a severed screw disabling removal of the old screen. In all cases always clean the area behind the shower plate or screw with a group head brush and some dissolved puly caff.

The shower plate or screen is an important part of your machine, often over looked, this is basically a dispersion grid, as the water comes from the machines head it runs over the grid and disperses over and into your ground coffee beans.

The best way to get the most from your beans is to get an even level of water throughout the whole surface area of the beans. That way you extract the coffee evenly and efficiently. A dirty, clogged or worn shower screen or shower plate is going to give you a poor result, no matter how high the grade of beans you use.

This is just one of the reasons why it is essential, where possible, to back-flush your machine with puly caff and a backflushing basket on a regular basis to help keep it clean.

Shower plates and screens do wear out and distribute less efficiently with age, we suggest you change your screen or plate every three months for a commercial machine and every six months for a domestic espresso coffee machine.

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