Crema Pro Knock Boxes

This are the virtually unbreakable designer knock box that is environmentally friendly, designed by Crema Pro, a company previously known as Coffee Beens.

This is a strong brand when it comes to the manufacture and design of espresso coffee machine accessories, every product they make is good quality.

THE 175mm diameter versions work well in both domestic, say with a Gaggia Classic and in commercial situations equally well, in our opinion there is no better knock box available for the money, in fact when considering what you are about to read, it could be argued that this is the best knock box ever made.

The freestanding versions are really something special, easy to use, rugged, stable, good looking and they come with a free cloth to help keep the knock box clean, wipe as you spill, again this is another well thought out design from this manufacturer.

The 110mm versions are strictly for domestic situations they are far too small to be sat next to a 2 group machine and do not have the capacity to cope with a commercial set up.

These knock boxes are tough and versatile, the manufacturers claim is that they are virtually unbreakable, we have thrown one around a car park, slammed it against walls and hit one with a hammer, both are still in tact !

In use these will not damage filter holders (portafilters), or mark your work tops, thanks to the rubber footings where applicable. There are similar alternatives on the market, however they tend to be of lesser quality and easier to break. These feel sturdy in use and you can knock away with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the body of the boxes will not break.

For those reading who do not know, a coffee knock box is a container you keep near your coffee machine so that you can literally 'knock' the used or spent grounds into it. This saves destroying your bin and means that having it close to hand it helps to keep your kitchen or premises clear of unwanted drips and drabs of coffee residue.

When full you can either empty it into the bin or you can scatter it onto flower beds in the garden to re-use it as an organic fertiliser (no more than a 3cm deep layer is suggested at a time). They are ideal for sprinkling over the lawn. The release of nutrients is gradual, however they also release nitrogen so it is probably not a good idea to use them on soil in which you grow vegetables. In recent times we have heard that coffee can act as an efficient form of slug repellent, though this is not confirmed.

This brand of knock box also come complete with a cardboard retail printed outer box, making them perfect presents for birthdays, Christmas or just for fun.

In conclusion we feel it is safe to say that once you have used any box in this range, there will be no turning back, these are extremely well designed knock box products put together by professionals who have certainly done their research, the information from which has been articulately formulated to achieve pure excellence.