The Iberital MC2 Burr Coffee Grinder

A Doserless timer coffee grinder is one which dispenses a set dose of ground coffee, this is opposed to a grinder which runs continuously until you switch it off.

Grinders dispensing a single dose of coffee can prove to be a better choice for the domestic home user and also as a second grinder when used in a commercial situation for a lesser used blend such as Decaffeinated.

The reason being is that if you only want to make one of two lattes or cappuccinos at a time, you'll not be wanting to grind much more than is needed and if you are using a decaffeinated coffee  you may not want to grind it in the same grinder as your caffeinated beans.

Coffee beans, once roasted, contain oils which evaporate at room temperature, once the oils have gone, so has the potential of obtaining a decent level of Crema.

It is therefore very important that you don't expose them for any longer than need be, a Doserless grinder can help you achieve this.

If a grinder only shoots out one shot at a time you don't have to worry about the unused grinds going stale in the doser, so long as you only load into the grinder hopper the amount you think you will need to grind.

Below we see an image of the Iberital MC2 coffee grinder chute, this is as opposed to a doser usually seen on manual grinders such as the Iberital MC2 Manual and the Gaggia MDF, amongst others.

Image displaying close up shot of the Iberital MC2

The portafilter, or the filter holder from the coffee machine is simply placed into the clip below the chute, at the back of the clip is a button.

When gently pressed the button activates the grinders timer. The mechanism then begins to work, grinding the coffee beans from the hopper at the top of the machine, it continues for the amount of time it is set for, before coming to a halt.

When set for the correct length of time the timer on the grinder will push out ground coffee approximately weighing between 7 - 14 Grams into the filter basket, ready for you to place into your machine.

Image dispalying the MC2 domestic coffee grinder

Iberital MC2 Auto Coffee Grinder - Instructions for use.

On the lower right hand side of the machine you can see the timer adjuster knob, to alter the length of time it operates for, it looks a bit like a fuse holder and will run between around 7 to 13 seconds.

If you look at the picture at the top of the page you can see, just below the hopper, on the right hand side, a knob which allows you to adjust the grade of the grind from coarse to fine.

The trick is to get the correct grade of coffee running for the correct length of time in order to dispense 7 or 14 Grams, 7 for a single shot and 14 for a double.

The best way to gauge this is to use two 2 oz shot glasses, you can find these in the Happy Donkey shop

These have a line which highlights the 1oz mark.

If you want to make a double shot, you want to run 14 Grams of coffee into a double basket in a double filter holder (with a twin spout) then pouring into two 2oz shot glasses, filling them both to the 1oz line in 22 to 25 seconds.

If the water is running too fast through the coffee and you are for instance getting 1oz of coffee in 10 seconds, then you should turn the adjuster knob clockwise, to make it finer.

If on the other hand your coffee is taking forever to come out, then you will need to turn the knob anti clockwise, towards you, as the grinds are too fine to let the coffee through quick enough.

So too slow equals too fine, too fast equals too coarse.

Think of it like this, put bricks in a bucket and pour water over the bricks, the water goes straight to the bottom of the bucket without delay, fill a bucket with sand and pour water over it, the water will take much longer to get to the bottom.

This may take a fair amount of tweaking to get it right , but the effort is worth it, the MC2 has a very intricate worm driver that adjusts the burrs, so to start with run the grinder and time the shot you make on your coffee machine without making any adjustments at all.

If the grind is too coarse and the coffee goes through too quickly, start by adjusting the coarseness of the grind by turning the knob 6 x 180 degree turns at a time clockwise to make the grind finer, then run another shot and time it again.

As you get close to where you want to be go for two turns or so at a time.

Once the coarseness of the ground coffee is about right, weigh the amount of coffee it dispenses and adjust the timer until you are happy, then you can fine tune the coarseness if necessary.

By adjusting the grinder using the timed method there is no way you should be able to get to the point where the blades are touching, as long before you reach that point you will 'choke' the machine, that is your coffee will be so fine you will not be able to get any water through it at all.

Last but not least - Please note well:

Do not adjust the grinder so fine that the blades are touching, you will damage the blades and if you try to run the machine whilst they are touching you will probably blow the motor, please ignore any advice you may come across that advise to the contrary, only an idiot will do that. Motors and blades damaged due to this will NOT be covered by the warranty as this is classed as abuse.