Drip Coffee V60

Drip coffee V60 style involves a dripper cone. Filter papers and a temperature controlled kettle. The equipment needed to make coffee using the drip pour over method is here.

A temperature controlled kettle is not a must. However it will help to maintain a consistent pour. Drip coffee is a subtle coffee making method. Therefore every variable counts.

A basic coffee making method

Making drip coffee v60 style is simple. Imagine ripping a tea bag and pouring water over it. The water falls into the cup below. The water has now turned to tea.

Next imagine that tea bag was full of coffee. That is the pour over coffee brewing method.

Read the overview of the drip coffee V60 brewing method

Use of a dripper stand eases operation. Using a copper dripper cone gives the best results. The Hario copper dripper cone looks the part.

Pour over coffee is best suited to people who enjoy tea. The method produces a light beverage. Similar to that of a French Press or Cafetiere.

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