Fair trade information

There are many who are sceptical about the stamp, however it is worth noting that those farmers who signed up for it were not forced to do so and continue to stay in the scheme and reap the benefits of it, as do their communities and the environment in which they and we live. It's not, as some seem to think, just about paying a farmer more for his or her coffee. So here's a short summary of why Happy Donkey is proud to supply 100% Fair Trade coffee.

Fair Trade is a trading partnership providing transparent international trading conditions and improved rights and conditions for coffee producers and workers, moving them from a position of vulnerability to a position of security enabling self sufficiency.

It helps to provide independence, continuity, training and development of managerial skills and access to new market areas.

It helps to ensure safe working environments for workers, gender equality and the eradication of child labour. It encourages and helps to enable improved responsible environmental methods of production and provides money for local schools, further education and medical centres.

It provides the ability for natural resource management, for improved rural employment levels and encourages the lesser use of agricultural chemicals in production methods.

The bottom line is Fair Trade helps to eliminate exploitation and promotes humanity.

For those who are sceptical and have reads the above, what do you think now?