Gaggia spare parts

Shown below are all the spare parts for the Gaggia Classic machines we keep in stock.

Most other spares are available, however if they are not shown in the list below delivery may be subject to delay:

Some of these will fit all known gaggias lke the espresso, the coffee, the baby, the classic, the gran, the tebe and the cubika.

Filter Holder complete with basket aka portafilter:

Image displaying a gaggia classic portafilter handle


If your portafilter is worn, broken or missing then this is the part you need, a very high quality part
that we nearly always have in stock ready to send out by courier, this filter holder comes complete with
 the basket.

Gaggia Milk Frother Plastic Attachment:

Image displaying a gaggia paranello frother



Lost or cracked your plastic frother attachment for your Gaggia steam wand/arm?

Thats ok, we've got them in stock, these are a three piece unit and very easy to replace.

Please note that these do not fit on the end of the Rancilio Sylvia steam arm, we've tried it !!

These fit the Classic and the Titanium as well as a host of other Gaggia Machines.


Gaggia Vibratory Pump aka Water Pump:

Image displaying a gaggia classic pump


If your not getting any water to your group head then the problem usually relates to the pump.

These pumps are extremely easy to fit, just take the cover off your machine, locate the existing faulty pump and replace it with the new one.

Of course the problem could be due to a pipe blockage caused by scale build up, but if there's nothing coming through at all then you can bet your life this is what you need.

Gaggia Group Head Seal:

Image displaying a gaggia group seal


So you turn your machine on and all appears to be well, then you notice that there's water leaking from the area above the portafilter, known as the group head.

If you look inside of the group head you'll see a rubber seal, this is the culprit that is probably causing the problem.

Group seals become brittle over time due to the intense heat from the portafilter.

If you take your old one out the chances are that it will either fall apart in your hand, or snap from even the smallest amount of pressure.

These seals do need to be replaced fairly regularly, we suggest always keeping a spare handy for next time, because there will be a next time!

Gaggia Shower Plate:

Image displaying a gaggia shower plate


As time goes on your shower plates will wear, if your servicing your Gaggia domestic machine you will do well to replace this item, it all helps to make the machine run more effectively.

The shower plate is located inside/ above the machines group head and is easy to replace.

Some people refer to these as spreader plates, either way the part is the same no matter what you call it !

Rancilio Steam Wand for the Gaggia Classic:

Image displaying a rancilio wand for the gaggia classic


The Rancilio Sylvia Steam Wand fits the Gaggia Classic and is said by our customers to help improve
the frothing capabilities of this popular machine, so you get the stability of the classic and the
improved frothing capabilities to boot, go ahead, have it all!

Gaggia Single Filter Basket:

Image displaying a single filter basket for the gaggis domestic


The filter baskets which sit in your portafilter wear out over time.

Always a good idea to replace them every so often, that way you know your filter is not affecting the extraction of coffee from your machines group head.

We also stock the double filter baskets and blank filter baskets for the gaggia domestic machines as shown below.

Gaggia Double Filter Basket:

Image displaying a double basket non pressurised


The filter baskets which sit in your portafilter wear out over time.

Always a good idea to replace them every so often, that way you know your filter is not affecting the extraction of coffee from your machines group head.

We also stock the single filter baskets for the gaggia domestic machines as shown above.

See below if you are looking for blank filter baskets for use when backflushing your machine.


Coffee Machine Descaler:

Image displaying gaggia descaler


As mentioned earlier a lot of problems associated with domestic machines are caused by scale build up.

Unlike most commercial machines, domestic coffee machines are typically run without a calcium treatment unit (water filter). This leaves the machine open to damage caused by scale, particularly in hard water areas.

Using calcinet citrus based descaler can improve the performance of the machine by clearing pipes and boilers from scale. If your machine is getting on a bit or you have bought the machine second hand then this may be a good place to start if your trying to bring the machine back to life.

Puly Caff Cleaning powder:

Images displaying puly caff for gaggia



Using Puly Caff cleaning powder on your machine significantly increases the quality of your espresso drinks.

It's a detanning powder that you use to backflush your machine once a week.

Instead of backflushing with just water you backflush using a spoon full of this powder.

This cleans the inside of the machine and you'll see the foam returning, it will look like chocolate sauce to start with and eventually it will run clear, that's when you know it has done its job and you simply backflush again just using the blanker disk to rinse it all through.

Puly Caff is food safe so it will not damage you should you forget to rinse your machine through again, though it's not something you'd want to experience deliberately.

Some cheaper end domestic machines are not compatible with backflushing, if in doubt contact the manufacturer of your machine or send us an email and we will do our best to help.

Gaggia Blank Filter Basket:

Image displaying a gaggia blank basket


Use this to backflush your machine.

Don't forget to use Pulycaff once a week as well, as mentioned above.