GDPR, Newsletter, privacy and cookie policy

May 24, 2018

Updates GDPR, Cookie and Privacy policy.

The above has now been updated and complies with the new EU law.

A mail was sent to everyone this morning asking to consent to the newsletter, even though one have never been sent historically, it is something we will be doing once a month in the future.

So now we find out who our friends are ! They say you do in the end but when is the end?

If you get the mail please click on the receive emails button and you will never get more than one mail per month and it will always be worth your while reading.

That is a promise.

As with most small businesses we had no idea what this was and when it was coming untii we started getting mails from other companies !

Apparently we had 2 years to sort this out, if anyone knows exactly where you have to sign up to find this kind of stuff out please mail and let us know. This remains a mystery.

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Have a great bank holiday weekend and don't forget your umberella !