New product + site update

Sep 12, 2018

Starting off the news with the lunch of a fab new product for commercial espresso machine owners. Read all about it on the bloggy: Grout Grate review

Then buy one before they sell out  ! Buy the ground grate

With regards to Paypal payments please remeber you can pay by card and you do not need a paypal account. Simply click on the grey bar in the paypal box which says 'or pay with debit or credit card.

Anyone struggling with that please mail and a paypal invoice can be sent, which you can also pay with debit or crdit card.

A few have complained about dropping sagepay, take a look at sagepaysupport on twitter. You can see whay it was dropped. Paypal is reliable, more expensive at this end but more reliable for everyone.

Remember you can pay by card through paypal you do not need an account to do so.

But why not get a paypal account anyway? It's very secure, never have to type card details into your device again and it's free !

With regards to the new site things are coming along slowly but surely and when it lands it will be a goody. As with all great things, it is taking a lot of time and effort to produce.

Thank you to everyone for the constinued support which is very much appreciated.

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