Macap CPS click coffee tamper

Image displaying Macap CPS click tamper

The MACAP CPS (Constant Pressure System) automatic tamper is a high end innovation designed to streamline espresso production.

Using a lever, the tamper applies uniform and level pressure to the ground coffee in a group handle basket.

The result is a predictable and consistent extraction, a leap forward in simplifying traditional espresso preparation.

This is the absolute most efficient way of measuring the perfect tamp, every time.

The machine conveniently lets you know when you have performed correctly by clicking when it reaches the ultimate pressure point, a foolproof way to flatten your coffee grinds, eliminating all the guess work.

Significant advantages of using the Macap Click Tamper.

One of the biggest issues, when setting up a grinder is how coarse or fine to grind in relation to how hard or soft you tamp..

Tamping at different pressures will slow or speed up the process of hot water pouring through the grounds, particularly at the finer end of the scale.

Therefore when setting the grind size of a coffee bean you could be fooling yourself, here is one scenario:

You get some beans, grind them at your usual setting only to find that the water is either running too slowly or too quickly through the filter basket.

This could be caused by the fact that you need to adjust your grinder settings (coarser to make the water run through quicker or finer to make the water run through at a slower rate).

Or it could be caused by inconsistent tamping, the coarseness of your grind could be correct, but if you tamp too hard by applying too much pressure, you will slow it down more than need be.

Go too soft and it could be that you are not compressing the coffee tight enough, allowing the water to run through the grounds too quickly.

The Macap performs the operation correctly every time, once the correct pressure is achieved the device clicks to indicate that it has performed tamping at 30 lbs per square inch.

Ultimately this device takes one important variable out of the equation when you are setting your coffee machine up.

You know the tamp is correct so therefore it has to be the grinder setting that is at fault if you are not getting the shot you require.

Two other advantages of using this machine are that because it is a desktop model of considerable size, you are unlikely to lose it.

It also looks impressive sat next to your shiny espresso machine and gives out a professional look to your setup.

Automate Tamping for Commercial use.

If you have a coffee shop, pub, restaurant or cafe, one worry with having staff working on your coffee machine is their ability to produce consistently good coffee drinks.

When under pressure to keep the Latte and Cappuccino drinks running without losing customers off the end of the queue, you'll need all the help you can get.

The Macap CPS helps you achieve this, once again it eliminates one of the links in the chain when troubleshooting a problematic pour, as mentioned above.

This machine comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s return to base warranty.