Macap Grinders

 Image displaying a Macap MXDL in chrome.

Macap MXDL

Shown is the model with the chrome finish.

Featuring 75mm flat blades, a 1.4KG capacity hopper, 340W motor running at 1400RPM, impressive backlit display in blue, programmable doses and stainless steel tamper.


Image displaying the Macap Logo


Further information

Macap grinders are designed and manufactured in Italy.

These machines are respected throughout the coffee industry as being some of the best grinders available in their price range.

The difference between the Macap and the Iberital grinders is that the inner workings of the Macap grinders are nearly all metal.

This makes for a machine which is very sturdy and hard wearing. If you have heavy handed staff then these are the ones to go for.

The grind given out by these machines is always even and consistent, spare parts are rarely required.

A  monthly run through with Pulygrind blade cleaning powder and a regular hoover out is usually all that is needed in order to maintain regular high end performance.

All grinder are metal bodied. If you want a strong grinder that is going to last and your budget allows, look no further.