Machine Cleaning

Happy Donkey are UK suppliers of Puly Caff Coffee Machine Cleaning powder, Puly Baby Domestic Coffee Machine Decscaler, Commercial Descaling powders, Brushes, PulyMilk Auto Cappuccino Frother Cleaner, PulyGrind Blade and Burr cleaning powder, Bean to Cup Machine Tablets, and Blind Back flushing Filter Baskets.

You can have the best kit on earth, using the best Gourmet Coffee Beans, but if your set up is not clean, there is no way you can get the most from it.

For Traditional Espresso Machines (Gaggia Style) you should use Caff Powder to backflush on a regular basis, in order to keep the group head clean and free from Tannin.

For domestic models such as the Rancilio Silvia and the Gaggia Classic you should use PulyBaby descaler every month and regularly back flush with Puly powder, please make sure your machine has a 3 way group solenoid valve before doing this.

For Bean to Cup models such as the Franke Evolution, Jura, WMF, Bravilor, Siemens, Egro, Cafe Swiss, Gaggia, Franke Flair, Ambiente, Swiss Egro and Stentorfields, use PulyMilk for the frother and Tablets for the cleaning cycle if the machine has a slot and manufacturers guidelines suggest it.

See our useful range of coffee specific cleaning brushes and if you own a Grinder definitely be sure to get some PulyGrind, this powder that enables you to clean your blades without dismantling. See individual categories for more information on each product.