Puly Grind (grinder blade cleaning powder)

Puly Grind Verde.

When using your grinder the blades or conical burrs get clogged and coated with tannin from the coffee, there is no way to avoid this from happening, it's just part of the process.

After a while the coating begins to affect the level of precision the coffee beans are ground at, in some cases it may mean that you have the blades set closer than need be.

It's a great idea to use a  brush to scrub them clean again in order to make amends, however in order to do this you have to strip the it down mechanically, something which takes time and patience, time which a lot of us do not realistically have.

Using half a sachet of this helps you save time, simply put this through your machine, then run around 14 grams of beans through it and you have a much cleaner setting from the get go.

This is the best product in class bar none.

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