Moka Pots

If you are looking to extract a different dimension, flavour and feel from your favourite coffee, then why not try using a Moka Pot ?

The Moka Pot is an easy inexpensive and rewarding way to do it. Invented in 1933, this method of coffee brewing typically extracts using a pressure of between one and two bars. Some people refer to these as stove top espresso makers.

The resulting coffee is often stronger than you would get from drip or filter coffee, but often less than you may expect from an espresso machine.

Worthy of note is that a cup as stated in regards to the expected volume of each pot is a measurement of a single shot of espresso.

In simple terms a 6 cup moka pot will make roughly 6 x 1oz of coffee. For this reason the 6 cup versions are the most popular as these will make around 2 x half mugs of tasty beverage.

The Aluminium versions are only recommended for use with gas stoves, the stainless ones will work with both gas and electric no problem.

Here you will find both Aluminium and Stainless Steel models with a variety of volumetric options. If you have the money the stainless versions are the ones to go for, but the others are equally as much fun.

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