Movement and Blog action

Jun 5, 2019

Yes a while since we had a news message, apologies for that.

Working like beavers this was somewhat over looked.

New infastructure is being put into place to further increase efficiency.

Regulars may have noticed everything works much slicker now.

A new web site is coming real soon, within the next 6 weeks by the looks of it, that's taken up a mad amount of time.

New articles are a plenty on the blog. Some are brand new and some are re-writes from the site,  with new photos and now moved onto the blog.

Well worth a look if you have time.

Macap CPS Tamper overview


Back flush espresso machine guide


Crema pro knock box review by cakeboy


Coffee bean advice guide


Fairtrade information


Milk foaming guide for coffee making


Italian coffee beans


Thank you to everyone for the continuing support which is very much appreciated and never forgotten.