About Portafilters

If your coffee machines Portafilter have a broken or snapped handle or the brass tabs on the side are worn, it's time to buy new one.

Here at Happy Donkey we stock an extremely wide selection of filter holders commonly known as Portafilters or coffee handles.

Most are complete with new filter baskets and spouts on the bottom as standard.

As well as stocking single and doubles for most commercial and some domestic use espresso coffee machines.

 If it is worn then the chances are that your group seals need replacing.

What's a group seal?...A group seal is a rubber O'ring which sits inside the group head, the portafilter twists into the group head and the top seals against the O'ring.

You may notice that as you twist the portafilter it rises in height, this is what it is designed to do, as at this point it rises and meets with the seal.

This ensures the water that comes out of the machines group head only goes on the inside into the basket, which holds the coffee grounds.

If you notice water appears to be leaking from the bottom of the grouphead or over the side of the filter basket, then the group seal has probably worn out or cracked and you need to replace it.

The group seals wear over time and become brittle, these are easily replaced and we supply these for all known commercial espresso machines as well as for most domestic models.

We currently stock Portafilters, filter baskets, shower plates and group seals for the following machine manufacturers:

Astoria, Aurora, Azkoyen, Bezzera, Bezzera Ellisse, Brasilia, Carimali, Cimbali, Conti, Costa, Expobar, ECM, Faema, Fracino, Futurmat, Gaggia, Grimac, Iberital, Marlinc, Marzocco, Mairali, Pavoni (not domestic models), Rancilio, San Marco, Simonelli, Spaziale, Unic, Vibiemme, VFA, Visacrem, Wega and many more besides.