Puly Cleaning Tablets

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Showing all 3 results

Puly cleaning tablets are perfect for use in any commercial bean to cup espresso machine. The Puly tablets work in the same way as the Jura cleaning versions.

These are the fastest dissolving and most effective on the market. They are also 90% biodegradable. Non hazardous and good for the environment as well. Consequently this brand is now the market leader.

There are many copies around. Placed side by side the Puly wins in every regard.

The cleaning tablets are heavy duty and very easy to use.  In many machines there is a slot provided at the back for which to insert the tablet. Before starting the cleaning cycle. Please read your manufacturer’s recommended instructions before use.

These are known to work with Jura, Brasilia, Horeca, Tasman, Gaggia, Strongvend, Neva, Mulma, So Pure, Bravilor and the CS100 based models.

Available to buy as 100 x 1 gram, 60 x 2.5 gram, 100 x 1.35 versions.