Coffee Grinder Cleaner

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Puly Grind coffee grinder cleaner.

When dried the tannin coating begins to affect grinder efficiency. Owners fo coffee grinder need to use coffee grinder cleaner.

First of all in use coffee grinders get messy. Grinder blades or conical burrs become clogged.  The internals get coated with tannin from the coffee.

Blades and burrs can be scrubbed clean with a wire brush. The grinder requires dismantling to perform the wire brush clean. Most of all the procedure is time consuming and fiddly.

Pulygrind saves time.

Tear the top off a  pulygrind sachet,.  Then run it through the machine. Run 14 grams of beans through the grinder.  Consequently the crystals are removed.

Repeat once every week for a busy grinder. Puly is the best product in class bar none. Made from 100% natural products it is non hazardous. Both renewable and sustainable.

Made in Italy the home of real coffee. Get on the green coffee machine cleaner revolution. Save time, money and enjoy the espresso !