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Bella Equita Trade 6 x 1kg box

Bella Equita Trade 6 x 1kg box

A smoky, sweet tobacco hit followed up by subtle hints of almond and apricot. A high note of caramel persists throughout the blend which has a great rich, earthiness throughout. Fantastic with milk.

Strength Profile: Medium / Strong


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So Whats in Bella Equita Espresso Speciality Blend

Arabica and Robusta
A blend of Arabica and Robusta, from South and Central Americas, Africa and Asia. This blend not only showcases the balance that can be achieved from pairing coffees from different origins but also the internationality of the work Fairtrade does.

The Brazil content in this blend has used its premiums previously to hire 6 new field technicians to benefit 2500 families who were within the coffee production cooperative. This was to aid in improvement in quality productivity and orientations toward the environmental practices within farming coffee, this allowed for 40 tons of empty agro toxic packages to be removed from the environment.

Fairtrade is a non-profit organisation that operates worldwide, working with all in the supply chain and supporting the supply chain, allowing farmers and workers to have as equal say as all the buyers and consumers do and empowering everyone within.

By promoting fairer trading conditions worldwide for consumables that aren’t just coffee, it allows the farmers of these plantations and origins to combat poverty, improve societies they are apart of and generally have more control and quality of life alone with standard of living.


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