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Bella Rose Trade 6 x 1kg box

Bella Rose Trade 6 x 1kg box

Bella Rose Speciality Blend. The story behind this blend was our desire to create a coffee masterpiece that is perfect as a traditional espresso but also has the characteristics strong enough to pull through milk.

This creation is done without much of the powerful strength that some would associate with a bitter taste or flavour but enough punch to give it a laidback kick. You should associate this blend with a strong but mellow, smooth, premium tasting coffee.

Strength Profile: Medium


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It began on the cupping table with a handful of different coffee beans that were designed solely for the purpose to match the extraction of our most popular coffee making equipment. Our Q Graders have spent hours testing through different machinery and in different forms, this has given us what we would call an elite all round match for the coffee makers we supply. This absolute masterpiece is designed specifically for our products but works perfectly with all coffee making machinery on the market.

This mouth watering creation is a mixture of Ethiopian coffee with its heavy floral flavour along with Brazil, Kenyan, Columbian and the ever romantic Monsoon Malabar which involves an individual story of its own. The Brazil gives a soft nutty flavour with a low acidity, the Kenyan gives a rich wine like undertone, the Colombian gives a strong caramel sweetness and all of this combined with the Exotic Malabar’s intense flavour and full body gives what we believe is the perfect coffee experience.

Recommended extraction time: Based on a double shot in a 12 ounce cup we recommend 26 seconds through a traditional espresso machine. This setting avoids coffee being too weak or strong whilst hitting the coffee sweet spot associated with perfection.

This is our favourite blend to date. Cool Beans Bella Rose is unrivalled as an all round taste pleaser. This coffee blend gives you a unique quality over any competitor.


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