Carimali Bottomless

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Carimali bottomless portafilter fits every model ever made by this manufacturer. Works extremely well with the Carimalis dynamics. Use it on the Macco and more.

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Carimali bottomless portafilter.  First of all it Fits all commercial models made by Carimali. The most common in the uk is the Macco.  Followed closely by the Kicco, Diva and the Piacetto.

Because Carimali have always used the same group head. Compatibility is guaranteed. Most important the quality is high. Moreover lugs are well cut and fit perfectly.

The Carimali bottomless uses a 14 or a 21g basket. Baskets can be swapped out easily by the Barista. Besides that the thicker Crema is sure to please.

Already a fantastic machine the Carimali benefits well from the bottomless upgrade. See shots achieved using this style of brewing on the coffee blog.

Because of the need to tamp flat, the bottomless can be used as a training tool. Buy one today and feel epic.



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