Domfilter Single

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Single Domfilter in tank domestic espresso machine filter cartridge  fits the Gaggia Classic, Tebe, Baby, Rancilio Silvia and Iberital Lanna hand fill commercial.

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A Domfilter is a domestic espresso machine filter. It connects from the top to the internal water pipe. Where there are two pipes, this will typically be the longest.

Domfilters protect the machine against scale build up. The connector is multi tiered. Therefore making it flexible for a multitude of coffee machines.

This includes most domestic and Hand Fill Machines. Most notable are the Gaggia Baby, Gaggia Classic, Paros, Cubika, Gran, Coffee Delux.

Furthermore Rancilio Silvia and the Iberital L’anna Hand fill can you them.

Please note that this filter will not eliminate scale altogether. Nothing does. It is merely a tool to help guard against it.

Use in conjunction with a Brita Filter jug and Puly Baby descaler.  These will help you keep your machine in better shape.

Domestic espresso machine filter Performance.

This water filter is rated to perform at it’s best for 150 Litres.  Dependent on local water  conditions. For best results change every 3 months regardless.

For best results always run the filter under a tap before fitment. Wash away any sediment in the filter which is an after effect of the manufacturing process.

Dimensions: approx 105mm High with a 42mm bottom diameter.

Water is a complex but important subject. Moreover we are still learning more about it. Why not have a read in the coffee blog.

The domestic espresso machine filter uses the same resin as the Brita water filters.

The cheapest way to buy this useful item is in bulk. Happy Donkey also offer water filters as a bulk pack of 10

We have customers who have used these for over 10 years.  They continue to use this filtration.

Filtering bacteria and particles.

Scientists refer to nasties in water collectively as particles.  From copper to iron and beyond.

From bleach like additives such as chlorine. Undesirable elements such as silt.

Wherever the water comes from it will contain particles of some sort.

Filtering these out will give advantages. Better taste and aroma are easily achieved.

Looking for a blend which works well with domestic espresso machines?

Give the Happy Donkey Classic Italian coffee beans a spin.

A beautiful fully flavoured  strong coffee bean  blend. The Classic Italian works well with all machines.


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