Expobar Stafco bottomless portafilter

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Expobar and Stafco bottomless Portafilter. This naked set up works so well with all Expobar and Stafco machines. Instant fit and instant transformation.

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Expobar bottomless portafilter. Fits all Stafco and Expobar espresso machines.

Lucky you ! An owner of and Expobar or Stafco espresso machine. Known for reliability and build quality.

The Spanish manufacturer has it’s own factory.  Moreover not many brands do these days.

Looked after with a regular filter change and service. The Expobar and Stafco machines are real workhorses. Rarely do they  break down.

The Expobar bottomless comes with a treble filter basket. A standard 14G double can be used. Because the treble is so much fun, it should be tried first of all.

Most of all the first part of the coffee pour is the best part. Therefore it is advantageous to use more ground coffee in the basket.

Current machines the expobar bottomless fits to buy are: The Carat, the Onyx, the Diamant, the Rosetta, the G10, Zircon, Monroc and office.

For a Stafco bottomless it fits all models. See action packed naked portafilter action capture on the coffee blog



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