Faema E61 Bottomless portafilter

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Faema bottomless portafilter naked with 14 or 21G basket size included fits coffee machines with the famous E61 group head.

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The Faema Bottomless Portafilter. Designed to give better Crema and Texture on espresso shots.

First of all fitment advice. The Faema bottomless fits E61 heads with an 8mm seal. This E61 setup is known as true type.

A non true type E61 will use an 8.5mm seal or even a 9mm group seal. Including E91 heads which are not true type.

Fit 0.5mm shims above seal to pad them out. For instance an 8mm seal padded with a 0.5 shim becomes an 8.5mm seal.

Most important is the need to approach this product with flexibility and patience. Bottomless portafilters are third party manufactured.

Therefore fitment is not an exact science. If the seal is known to be an 8.5 or a 9mm buy the Wega.

The Faema bottomless fits the Fracino cherub. Users with naked portafilter report excellent results.

Find out more about the bottomless way of life on the coffee blog.

Owners of coffee machine with E61 head should try these portafilters with Classic Italian coffee. For stunning results.

Thicker Crema, better tasting, better looking coffee, every time. Also known to fit the excelsior, Opus and the Cadetta.

Fits all known Futurmat espresso machines. Also known as Spanish Gaggia.



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