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Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter 14G or 21G, options.

Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter 14G or 21G, options.

(2 customer reviews)

Gaggia bottomless portafilter for the Classic, Baby, TD, GD all known commercial Gaggia espresso machines. Available with a 14 or a 21G basket.




The Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter. Get the best and get it now.  Simply the best bottomless money can buy. Use a double basket or  a Triple basket. Choose your option a 14 Gram or a 21 Gram basket. Baskets are easily swapped over if you already have other sizes. Does not fit the 2015-2018 Classic (ri9403/11).

Get ready for the coffee of your life !

Launch the Gaggia bottomless off with the Italian espresso blend or Brazilian coffee beans. Because there is less contact with metal. Big thick  tasty Crema and Texture is the result. Once mastered easily achieve the best espresso shots. Big berry Aroma. Cross new boundaries and don’t look back.

Gaggia Bottomless portafilter – there’s no spouts here!

These Portafilters also eliminate the use of a spout on the bottom.  That is where the big Crema comes from. Less loss of heat equals bigger Crema. 100% NOT to be confused with other lower quality products on the market. Happy Donkey portafilters are the ones to buy.

Big brass construction covered in thick chrome. No sharp edges. Just bling and espresso shots from another planet. Supplied with well pressed baskets. It is not necessary to get a different basket for this item.

Fits most Gaggia Classic all the Baby series (but not the 2015-2018 Classic (ri9403/11), the 58mm basket using Cubika. GD, TD models all fully commercial models. Why not have a read of Gaggia bottomless portafilters on the coffee blog.

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Because of the need to tamp straight. Some coffee makers shy away. Human nature perhaps to give in so easily. The truth is it is easily to over complicate making coffee. It all begins with the espresso.

Get the shots right and the job is 70% done. Even on a latte ! The two rules are Tamp straight. Easily done by resting the head of the portafilter on a side or mat. Rule two rid the coffee grounds of clumps and lumps. Use a thin edged tool like a Puly Lifty.

For Gaggia domestic machines be sure to view in tank water filters.

In conclusion Happy Donkey bottomless portafilters are great because:

  1. Purpose built
  2. Well made
  3. Great value for money

Additional information

Basket Size

14G Basket, 21G Basket

2 reviews for Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter 14G or 21G, options.

  1. Trudi Macwhirter (verified owner)

    I have to say this little gadgetis brilliant!
    Why oh why don’t the makers of The Gaggia Classic incorporate this instead of their cumbersome portafilter?

    It is far less messy, much easier to use and the price you charge for this is amazing.

    Thank you Happy Donkey… You’ve certainly made me happy .

  2. Phil Hall

    Great bit of kit; it gives more headroom so I can go straight into a mug if I want, which is a great bonus. The quality is very good, (chromed brass I think), and the handle is really solid, which is more than I can say for the standard Gaggia classic item which is rubbish.

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