Gaggia Classic Solenoid replaces Ceme 5136

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Gaggia Classic solenoid. Replaces the Ceme 5136. Fits the Gaggia Baby espresso machine too. Buy it today and get the coffee flowing again on this great domestic machine.

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Gaggia Classic solenoid. Replaces Ceme 5136. Complete with solenoid coil. Comes with replacement gaskets. Slow flow on the Classic or the Baby machine? The solenoid may have issues. When the machine heats up but the water flow is slow. It’s time to act.

Gaggia Classic solenoid problems and options.

Firstly the solenoid may be clogged with scale. Therefore the blockage may be cleared using strong De-scaler. Calcinet de-scaler is primarily used for commercial settings. However it can be used domestically.

Running some through the system prior to intense flushing can work well. Problems solved using this method will often re-appear. Because scale is sometimes moved on but not destroyed. De-scaling and flushing should be repeated within ten days.

Secondly the coil may have failed. The coil clunks when the brew button is pressed. If there is no clunk the coil has failed. The solenoid coil is the black plastic box. It opens and closes the Gaggia Classic solenoid.

If the coil fails replace the whole solenoid because the body will not be far behind. Thirdly and most importantly, if the solenoid body is cracked, replace it. This is reported often with the Ceme 5136 solenoid. Read more about de-scaler on the Happy Donkey blog.

Further information replacing the Ceme 5136.

The Gaggia Classic solenoid also fits the baby model. It distributes water through the group head. Because this part opens and closes electronically. Consequently the valve is subject to failure. Often the pump is the first thing to receive attention. However if water is being pumped to the boiler it’s working.

Failure to address a scale problem in the Baby or Classic will result in pump failure. The pump will hum and feed back when pushing against a blocked system. The pump is water lubricated. Eventually it dies. Action is therefore required immediately.

Simply replacing the vibe pump will not solve the issue. Blockages may exist elsewhere if left to fester. This may include pipes with brittle fittings. Hence the de-scale in situ solution. For regular monthly descaler use Puly Baby Cleaner. Works great in kettles and on taps too.

Sprucing up your Gaggia domestic espresso machine? Why not check out the steam wand upgrade. Please note seals may be a different colour from those shown in the image.



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