Gaggia Classic Steam wand upgrade.

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Gaggia classic steam upgrade buy it today and get the micro foamed milk the coffee deserves. Easy to fit and use.

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Gaggia classic steam upgrade. A wand which also fits the Gaggia Baby. Shown clearly in images. The threaded nut at the top of the wand. This screws directly into the existing crevice. It is easy therefore to check compatibility.

It is possible to fit this wand to other fittings. Of note the ball joint type fixing. Which pulls apart. Where the existing fitting is a thread application is easy. However for the ball fixing it is fiddly.

Advantages of the upgrade.

Owners of the Classic and Baby know all too well. The original steam wand is not the best. This upgrade gives better direction. A solid flow of steam for the milk. Something to work with.

Making micro foam this way is possible, thanks to this simple modification. This Gaggia classic steam upgrade has one central hole. This focuses the direction of steam.

As a result there are less air bubbles in the milk. Creating a vortex motion in the jug is easier. Cleaning of the tip and wand is also easier. Due to the simplistic construction. Looking for a perfect espresso blend for the Gaggia Classic ?

Upgrading the Classic and the Gaggia Baby

The classic and the baby are great domestic espresso machines. Some of our customer have been running the same models for 30 years ! Of course regular maintenance  such as using Puly Caff to backflush.

As well as using domestic machine water filters really help. The main enemy to consider is scale. This is the same for all machines.  It is worth having a read of our article on the blog about scale in coffee machines.

The all so vital solenoid

For a while the Classic came packaged with the Ceme 5136 solenoid. Many espresso people have mentioned this is not as good as the alternative. The body tends to crack under pressure and a replacement is needed.

The good news is Happy Donkey stock the Gaggia Solenoid. Heed the advice above and there is no reason why these machine will not last for a good long while. Why not grab a milk thermometer .Keep an eye on the heat and get the best microfoam.

Coffee making need not be hard. The little variables all add up.



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