Brita Purity C1100

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Brita C1100 the big boy cartridge of the Purity C family for high volume hard hitting filtration of water dependent on needs and local conditions. Better too big than not big enough.

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Purity C1100 cartridge by Brita. Incorporating the well proven 4 stage filtration system. The C1100 cartridge is the biggest in the Purity C range.

Buy this cartridge and any Purity C head you have a filtration system to be proud of. Once the cartridge is used up simply order another one right here.

For a Ball park I am in a hurry set up, this filter cartridge will do the average very busy two group or reltively busy 3 group. For circa 10 months.

To gain a true level of understanding regarding your filtration, buy a water hardness test kit and read this.

Once the basics are understood you can rest assured the correct filtration is in place. This will enable espresso machines to last longer and make way better coffee.

Do not underestimate the importance of water quality in espresso. It’s is a mistake to ignore this advice.

The Brita Purity C filter has been specifically designed for catering and vending.  It is primarily aimed at the filtration of water for espresso coffee machines.

Dramatically lowering the levels of calcium, lead, copper and chlorine in the drinking water supply. Moreover it holds back nasty sediments and bacteria.

Most important filtration reduces the build up of lime scale inside espresso machines. The main reason for breakdown and in some cases, complete failure of coffee machines.

The independent water flow bypass system helps to keep a stable flow of consistently filtered water supplied through your machine.

This filter is very easy to set up and maintain, you do not need to pay an engineer to change the cartridge for you, thanks to the innovative cartridge head, it’s been designed to make your life much simpler.


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