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Shot glasses for coffee making (pair), Options.

Shot glasses for coffee making (pair), Options.

Shot glasses for coffee making. Nicely weighted. Strong and durable. The simplest  method for measuring espresso. Use to configure coffee grinders.




Shot glasses for coffee making. Available to buy and always in stock. The 2 Ounce measuring tools have a white line to indicate the 1 Ounce mark. One fluid Ounce is 30ml. Price shown is for a pair. Strong and durable the glasses are of trustworthy quality. A tried and tested product. Happy Donkey have supplied these since day one.  Way back in 2004.

Also now available are the Espresso Ristretto marked versions. These are made in Italy. Great quality. These shot glasses help with coffee making because they show the volume clearly marked.

Choose from single Ristretto or Espresso. As well as the marked lines for double Espresso and Ristretto. Very cool. The marked glasses are lighter than the single lined version. A great Barista tool whether domestic or commercial. It is so easy to gauge the pour when using these. A Happy Donkey favourite.

Which ever shot glasses you choose, the quality is great. The value is in the help they give the Barista to see what is going on.

Configuration – Using shot glasses for coffee making.

Two words you often hear together are grinder and configuration. And that’s not without reason because these two go hand in hand. Coffee grinder configuration and espresso pour timings are some of the most pressing matters we have to deal with.

As Baristas be that home or professional the challenges we face are the same. Whilst it is easy to over complicate making great espresso, the basics cannot be ignored. All things being equal. The easiest path is always the best. Try to come at it from a realistic angle.

The time, the shape, the espresso shot.

Producing espresso is all about perception and user experience. The shot timing means nothing if the coffee does not taste good. Because of this it is important to remember the goal. That is making a great tasting espresso. One you will enjoy drinking !

Using shot glasses for coffee making is fun. A the all time traditional method. A skill and an art. Easy to learn and never forgotten! Using a double filter basket filled with 14-16 Grams of ground coffee. The aim is to get the pour running in total for around 25 seconds.

The shape of the pour will resemble that of a mouse tail. When correct. Both glasses will be filled up to the 1 Ounce line. To find out more why not read the guide to timing an espresso shot.

Breaking the rules

Timing the espresso shot in the way shown above is a great method. To this day it works as well as it always has done. The pour is correct according to the rules marks a starting point.

Once the benchmark is achieved it is time to make adjustments according to taste. Again use the shot glasses for coffee adjustments. Also, keep in mind that coffee beans change size and shape in different room temperatures. Not only does that change the volume of beans required, but also the grinder settings will need to be altered.

Best beans – Using shot glasses for coffee.

Looking from some great coffee? Want to try the best coffee beans for espresso? Give the outstanding Happy Donkey Brazilian espresso blend a try ! As well as the Brazilian coffee an Italian espresso blend is also available.

The Italian coffee is ideal for those on the start of the coffee journey. However many professional baristas employ this as their prime blend. Looking for smooth coffee? Non offensive with subtle pleasing nuances? Maybe the Costa Rican Arabica blend is the one?

Happy Donkey shot glasses are great because they are:

  1. Decent quality
  2. Easy to use
  3. Decent value for money

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Marked Espresso Ristretto (pair), 2oz single lined (pair)


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