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Tea pot spout brush

Tea pot spout brush

Tea pot spout brush. Keep that spout as clean inside as it is on the out. Else  your customers will taste your lack of attention. Make tea? Buy the brush. The best loose leaf investment ever.

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Tea pot spout brush. Specifically designed for cleaning spouts. The brush is made in England to a very high standard. This item solves a common problem for those who make tea. Using a traditional teapot.

Tea Pot Spout Brush – in use.

Because of the high quality the brush cleans spouts extremely well. As well as being efficient, the brush keeps it’s shape. The Poly bristles are both strong and hygienic. In addition they are also flexible.

The ringlet at the top of the handle enables hanging on a hook for storage. In conclusion what have here is the ultimate. Purpose built for the job. So often  the question is asked. Where can I get a tea spout brush for cleaning from? The answer is right here at Happy Donkey. The best coffee destination online.

What else can the cleaning brush do?

Well anything that has a spout, you can use this brush on. Because it is so well made it will lend itself to many uses. For wider pipes on commercial coffee machine for instance.

Consequently at this price it’s a total giveaway. This brush is to teapots what group head brushes are to espresso machines. Looked after and washed after use. Brushes like these can last for many years. At the very basic level this is a high quality tapered head item. Excellent for hard to access areas on many devices. For example one item would be the Stovetop coffee maker

A welcome addition to your cleaning brush arsenal.

Are you a professional Barista or Tea Maker? If you are then the value of tools to clean tannin is real. Not something which needs explaining to those with experience in the coffee making trade.

Want to see more? Check out the whole range on Happy Donkey Cleaning Brushes Keep all the Barista equipment and sundries clean. Don’t forget to keep that coffee grinder clean too ! All the help and advice you need is right here:  Cleaning coffee grinders


  1. Purpose built
  2. Made in Britain
  3. High quality
  4. Long lasting


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