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Fed up of only having two bags in your life? Be rock and roll just buy the whole box. Stop worrying about how much you’ve got left to last. Nothing worse than running out of coffee. A home without coffee is a sad place to be.


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Trade Costa Rican coffee deal. 

Comprising of one box. Inside is 20 x 250 Gram bags. Ideal for sharing, everyone likes this coffee. You can filter it, cook it in a Moka pot, run it through a pour over setup. Work in an office?  Run some of this through the filter machine or the bean to cup. Realise a better taste.

You can smell the tropical rain forest when you open the bag. Relax and let the coffee take you on a journey of Caribbean coastlines. Great coffee in the workplace. Makes for great team work and higher production levels.

The  happiest bean – Trade Costa Rican coffee

Costa Rica is known to be the happiest country in the world. So happy they don’t even have an army ! It has some seriously rugged terrain. It is home to over 500 species of Orchids and types of hummingbird. If you are looking for somewhere different to holiday this is it and just over 1% of British people have visited to date.

Working with a single origin coffee

The single origin coffee is truly justified because it stands proud alone. In an espresso machine be it domestic or commercial. Start of by grinding very fine and getting a double shot in 25 seconds. Fill the basket to the top to start with. Experiment by reducing the coffee dose.

Tamping harder and elongating the pour time is a proven method of varying the output. The harder the tamp the slower the pour. Trade Costa Rican coffee makes a killer jug of filter coffee. 60 Grams to one Litre of water is magical. For an intense honey burst go 900ML to 6o Grams. For the cleanest coffee you’ve ever had go 1.1 Litres of water to 60 Grams.

Always use mineral water if possible. Tap water kills it somewhat with all the chlorine. Want to buy a smaller amount? Get the Costa Rican coffee beans 2 bag deal Grinding for espresso the ideal domestic use grinder would be the Iberital MC2

Costa Rican single origin beans are great when ground for:

  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Flat White
  • Moka Pot/ Stovetop coffee makers
  • Filter coffee makers
  • Bean to cup machines
  • French Press/ Cafetiere



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