Water hardness test kit

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Brita water hardness test kit for revealing the levels of carbonate hardness in water pre or post filtration. One of the most important tools in making coffee taste the best it can be.

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Water hardness test kit. A friend of ours.

The water hardness test kit comprises of highlighting solution and a test tube. Because water quality varies by region and can change frequently, we need to research it.

We use the kit to test for temporary hardness. Testing is required on a weekly basis to monitor levels of contaminants.

Information revealed  by the kit can help with setting filtration levels. The better the filtration the tastier the espresso.

What is temporary hardness?

In short the contents of water which become active when heated. The heat dissolves the temporary hardness. This can include Lime, copper and more besides.

In other words elements we wish to eliminate from entering our expensive coffee machines. The levels guide us to correctly set up water filters for coffee machines.

The levels can be set using the Brita Purity head. No self respecting espresso machine owner should be without one.

How can a water hardness test kit help protect espresso machines?

Because the water hardness test kit alerts us to hardness levels. The knowledge can be used to discover how often to change the filter cartridge.

When changed at the correct interval a Brita filter system prevents lime scale build up. Consequently the machine suffers less break down.

Less scale means quicker heating times as well as better water flow. Gone are the days when we can use machines without water filters.

Espresso drinkers have standards and rightly so ! Even soft water can be filtered now with the Brita soft water filter cartridge.


In conclusion what have here is core. A vital piece of kit which should in no way be over looked. Anyone serious about coffee making home use or commercial needs one.

The water we use for espresso dictates everything. This cannot be emphasized enough.

On a commercial set up using an adjustable filter cartridge head changes can be made to filtration. Most of all the small kit can be carried an used almost anywhere.

Therefore if the espresso machine is mobile and uses alternative water supplies, you can test them easily.

Help with using the water hardness test kit

See reference charts and information on water filter instructions and help. Yes it is deep, a bit complex and very academic. But if you love coffee you should have at least a basic understanding of water filtration. Else we must ask ourselves what exactly is it we are drinking?

  1. Provide information regarding water condition
  2. Helps to set up correct filtration levels
  3. Cheap and easy to use


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