Puly Grind

Puly Grind is the food safe organic, dust free, coffee grinder blade and burr cleaning powder available to buy online at Happy Donkey.

It is important to keep the blades inside your coffee grinder clean, over time the blades, or burrs, depending on which model of grinder you have, can become stained and clogged.

This results in poorer performance of the blades and makes the motor of the grinder work harder than it needs to.

This not only potentially reduces the life of the motor in your grinder, but it can lead to inconsistent results, that is you may end up with uneven sized grinds, this can lead to an inconsistent pour as when the water is pushed through the coffee it can run through moving through at different speeds.

What this ultimately means is that the water does not run through the coffee evenly and you don't get the best extraction of flavour from your coffee, using this product you get better Crema and Aroma from your coffee, without having to dismantle your grinder !

Pulygrind absorbs oils and eliminates unwanted residue on your grinder blades, including those created by flavoured coffee beans !

The 100% super concentrated crystals will not wear down your grinder blades, you do not need to adjust the grind on your machine in order to make it work.

Puly Grind is dust free and food safe organic, it is made by the world leading brand of espresso and coffee machine cleaning products

Any Barista who has been studying the art of making consistently good coffee will tell you that cleaning your coffee machine and coffee grinder makes a significant difference to how your Cappuccino, Espresso or Latte ends up in the cup.

Take action and clean your coffee grinder blades.