Carriage and Delivery

Please supply us with your mobile number when ordering so that the courier can phone you if stuck.

Small orders with a value of around £10.00 will now be sent via royal mail 2nd class recorded. This is because we actually lose money if sending these orders by courier. We are happy to supply small orders so this is is the only way we can continue to do so, Thank you for understanding.

Carriage is charged at a flat rate of £4.25 no matter how much you buy. So if you order a group seal or a tonne of coffee you will pay the same rate which is £4.25.

If you order contains only coffee then because there is no VAT on coffee, there is no VAT on the carriage.

If you order coffee and another product, which is subject to VAT then the carriage also attracts a VAT charge, this is UK law, not something we have made up.

All orders are sent through our courier which is currently Parcel Force, if you give us your mobile number when signing up then you should get text messages from them letting you know the predicted hour within which you will receive your order on the day of delivery, they also send you a link in an Email, which does the same thing if you follow the instructions. This is an excellent service at a fair price.

Please note the predict service is just that, a prediction, it is not guaranteed and is always subject to average traffic conditions in your local area, it is worth noting that the drivers only get paid for what they successfully deliver, so they do try their hardest to get your parcel to you.

Whilst 93% of all orders received here at Happy Donkey LTD have arrived the next day in the last year, we do say please allow 3 FULL WORKING DAYS for delivery, to allow for local problems, stock rotation and unforeseen issues like power cuts, internet outages and so on, if we know of a problem  which may be likely to cause delay we will always do our best to contact you and let you know. Please note well that Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays are not working days.

Please do not phone or email asking us if we can just throw something in an envelope and send it carriage free as there is every chance we will hang up on you or not answer the mail and refusal often offends.

Thank you for reading and understanding this page.

Northern Ireland, highlands and islands delivery.

Where possible we try to deliver to these areas and this is roughly how it works:

If the total weight of the parcel is less than 1KG including the packaging we send via royal mail recorded delivery by default.

When the parcel including packaging, is over 1KG and under 2KG then it depends on what the Royal Mail are currently charging, at the time of writing (August 2016) the rates are reasonable and so we still sent these orders out, that will change if they hike their prices on packages weighing over 1KG.

If the total weight is over 2KG we will do a search of current courier prices to that area and then get in touch with the customer to see if they wish to pay that amount.

At the current time of writing this is usually circa £15+, so if you are reading this prior to making an order weighing over 2KG and are not willing to pay that then please email us first to see what we can do to help. We are keen to supply these areas but as you probably know and expect, our margins are very low and we need to make at least some money on every order.

Incorrect addresses and changes of address.

Where an order has been placed and the customer does not give a postcode or gives a postcode which does not tie up with the address on the couriers database, or supplies a value or incomplete address we will do our best to investigate that, if it is clear where it should be going as a result of that we will dispatch as normal.

Where we are unable to establish the post code or address we will send you an email or phone if we are able to in order to get the correct details from the customer.

We will not dispatch to an address which is not certain or incorrect. If you do not reply to the information requests then the parcel will be delayed, this is fair and reasonable.

Where the order is to go to a new build address which may not have made it onto the databases, please specify that this is the case and supply us with directions and a mobile phone number to help the courier get your order to you.

If you live in a hard to find place please also specify directions and a phone number, the more you work with us the better we can work for you.

Thank you for reading this page.